Download this free dynamic instrumental worship album today!

01. Who is like you
02. Blessed is the man
03. Glory come down
04. Awake o zion
05. Resting place
06. Aaronic blessing (Paul Wilbur)

So how can you change a mood in minutes and bring shalom to your current situation? Invite Jesus (Yeshua) into the room through an atmosphere of praise! Begin your journey today with this FREE instrumental album.

Resting Place

Exclusive Free Album From Paul

Transform the Atmosphere with Instrumental Praise

CAUTION: The free instrumental album you are about to download may cause significant change in your life. If your life is already perfect and you desire a static, mundane life, please DO NOT download.

If, however, you are a fallen person in much need of God’s sovereign grace and refreshment, then this album is for you!

As you listen to this free instrumental album, you may find yourself:

  • Having more harmony in your home
  • Bringing your life into focus
  • Singing in the rain
  • Becoming a nicer driver
  • Gaining Godly perspective on life & more

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How can you change a mood in minutes, bring shalom to the home, and transform your outlook on your day? Invite Jesus (Yeshua) into the room with an atmosphere of praise! Begin your journey today with this free instrumental album.
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