Desde Sión (En Vivo)

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1. Prólogo (En Vivo)
2. Desde Sión (En Vivo)
3. Canto De Victoria (En Vivo)
4. Adonai (En Vivo)
5. B’elohim (Por Siempre, Amen) [En Vivo]
6. Bueno Es Dar Gloria a Dios (En Vivo)
7. El Rey Ya Viene (En Vivo)
8. Mejor Que La Vida Es Tu Amor (En Vivo)
9. Vuelve Ya (En Vivo)
10. Santo Es (En Vivo)
11. Grande Eres Dios (Aleluya) [En Vivo]

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“Roar From Zion” is a live worship experience captured
on location at the Pavilion Center in Jerusalem, Israel during
the Feast of Tabernacles and the 70 th anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel! This CD and DVD were produced as the result of a vision formed through the inspiration of the Book of Joel, chapter three. Comprised mostly of new original
compositions by Paul Wilbur, Jamie Hilsden, Sarah Liberman,
Joshua Aaron, Dan Needham, Shae Wilbur and others, we
believe these sounds will ignite the heart of the Church world-
wide for the restoration of Zion, the spiritual foundations of the
Church, and offers new dynamic songs of praise and worship to present before the King of all kings!
Lion of Judah…ROAR!

-Paul Wilbur