Why Do You Think…

Paul Wilbur

Do you like a good question? I do; it challenges me to think deeply on something of importance, and I usually grow past the point of where I currently am in life. And, because you are my friend receiving this ministry newsletter, I am going to include you on a few provoking questions – the answers leading you to some “ah-ha” moments!

Why Do You Think…

My latest book – A King is Coming – will be released during our First Friday event on April 7th. Here are some of the questions that pushed me to write this book

Why do you think our nation is so divided? There are diametrically opposed views on marriage, sexuality, the destruction of human life, supporting Israel or the Palestinians, the rights of small fringe groups over against the vast majority, and the list goes on.

Why do you think the world seems to be turning a blind eye to the anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity that is rising at an accelerated pace? And why do our nation’s courts and law makers seem to favor an anti-God government and culture? Why do you think there is such an attack on the family unit – YOUR family, and why is the “sensitive left” so violent?

Why is this all happening now, and what does it all mean?

In my humble opinion, all this is taking place because…A King is Coming! Our culture, our nation, and even our core life values are under attack! It is a season when God wants us to learn how to worship and thrive, even in the midst of chaos and discord. The shofar of victory is sounding, can you hear it?

Your life may have many challenges that seem as dark as night, but you will find practical insights into how you can successfully negotiate life’s problems at a higher level when you read A King is Coming. So get your copy today from my website at https://www.wilburministries.com// or on Amazon. I pray you find valuable insights to move your life and family forward in the days ahead!



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