What’s behind the curtain of the hate against Israel?

Have you ever wondered why Iran and her terrorist proxies are so fanatically committed to destroying Israel?

Maybe you noticed that the last White House administration yanked its commitment to Israel, once considered our most loyal and important ally.

And even though the Trump administration seems very different than Mr. Obama’s, only time will tell what will transpire between the U.S. and Israel.

In the last few years, Palestinian Arab terrorists have launched hundreds of deadly attacks on Israeli citizens killing and seriously injuring many innocent men, women and children. Many countries in the U.N. have tried to use the United Nations Security Council against the State of Israel.


There continues to be renewed attempts to force Israel into the dangerous position of giving up key concessions before negotiations can even begin, and mandating that Israel accept indefensible borders. But why is this all happening now? Is there a more diabolical plan being hatched behind the curtain of current events than what is obvious to the drive by observer?

Day in and day out, there are signs and signals all around us that indicate, and even foretell events to come. Traffic signs deliver important messages that try to keep us from a potential tragedy. Observing signs in nature can help us predict upcoming changes, like buds on a bare tree branch can signal that springtime is just around the corner, or dark clouds mixed with heavy wind can warn of an approaching storm.



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