Trump declares Jerusalem is the capital of Israel!

So it has finally happened…an American president with enough chutzpah and understanding of reality has declared Jerusalem to be what everyone else knows her to be…the capital city of the State of Israel! President Trump, sir I salute you.

To try and make a case for any other ‘reality’ for Jerusalem is to deny history, the present day, and the inevitable future. Approximately 1,000 years B.C., David son of Jesse was anointed a king over all Israel. After the death of King Saul, David defeated many of her enemies, united the tribes, and conquered the Jerusalem fortress, naming the city his capital city, and the capital of the nation. There he built his White House, established his authority, built his army and ruled for forty years. At his death, he established his son Solomon as king and commissioned him to build the Holy Temple to Adonai on the mountain where Abraham and Isaac had the famous encounter with the Angel of the Lord described in Genesis 22.

The reality today is even more obvious, even to the casual observer. In 1948, the land known as the British Mandate was divided into two parcels. East of the Jordan River was given to the Arab population, and west of the Jordan River to the Jews who remained after Hitler’s Nazi Holocaust. This land would not come without a terrible cost, however, and after an initial battle for the right to possess the land in 1948 against an overwhelming Arab coalition from five countries, Israel maintained possession of most of the land including west Jerusalem. Many unprovoked wars would ensue, however, and in the famous battle of 1967 called the Six Day War, Israel reunited the eternal city of Jerusalem and restored her authority over the entire city, naming it the capital of the State of Israel once again.

In the future, this will be the city of cities as Messiah, King of the Jews returns to sit on the throne of David and to reign and rule from there for 1,000 years. The prophet Zechariah tells us that all nations will be required to come up year after year to worship the King in Jerusalem, or they will have no rain for their lands. The City of Gold, The City of David, The City of God, The City of the Great King; these are all names for the same city that stands as the eternal capital of the same nation for all these 3,000 years. Only a very gullible or naïve person could be persuaded otherwise; someone who completely ignores history, the present reality, or the inevitable future. Thankfully, President Trump is neither naive, ignorant, nor afraid to take a stand with the obvious truth, and I believe that this move will make peace much more possible in the very near future.

Several years ago I was ministering in Costa Rica when the Word of the Lord hit me like a ton of bricks. The Lord declared that he was waiting and watching for any nation that would agree with His word and move their embassy to Jerusalem. He said that a great blessing was waiting to be unleashed on the first nation to believe Him and take a bold stand for the truth. I believe that El Salvador and Costa Rica were the last nations to maintain their embassies in Jerusalem, but because of political pressure, they moved them to Tel-Aviv along with the rest of us. Many of the people who heard the word that day agreed and began to pray that their leaders would do this thing. Alas, in all this time it seems that the blessing will be given to the United States of America as she takes a bold stand once again for truth. I personally believe that the US is finally aligning herself with the God of Israel, and the ramifications for our future are very bright.

I personally believe that the so-called “Two State Solution” was a very bad idea and that it is dying a slow and painful death even at this announcement today, December 6, 2017. The removal of an established Israeli community in Gaza and the ensuing results should be evidence enough that the Two State solution was merely an attempt to surround a smaller Israel with terrorist fiefdoms that would ensure her inevitable demise. A nation without defensible borders in that neighborhood will not be a nation very long, and Israel without the Golan Heights, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Jordan River are way too vulnerable to her hungry and often vicious neighbors.

Today will be a day that will be remembered in US history when a president held the opinion of God in higher esteem than the opinions and criticisms of men. When courage and truth trumped anger, hostility, and lies. It took a career businessman to do what career politicians were all afraid to do; and I believe that with this one act, President Trump has become another man who was brought to the kingdom for such a time as this. I also believe that this move will make it very possible for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to make America great once again. Happy are the people whose God is the LORD! (Psalm 144:15)