To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate…That Is The Question!

O kay so maybe I’m no Shakespeare, but I can assure you that what I have to offer you is greater than any words spoken in a Shakespearean play. What I have to offer is weightier than the whims of any earthly King. In fact, what I offer you today is at the very heart of the One True King—Yahweh Himself—the King above all Kings!

In many ways our Christian culture today has embraced many of the traditions of men, rather than the Word of our God.  But I appeal to you that every kingdom has a history worth remembering and celebrating.  And God’s Kingdom is no different in that sense. In fact, in ancient Israel, the Lord commanded that national celebrations be remembered and observed by everyone.

As I explain in my book, Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom, “These celebrations are foundational events of the Kingdom, as well as great victories by the King of the Kingdom, worthy of recognition and celebration. They are significant as historical fact, important today for our daily lives, and they contain not yet fulfilled elements of prophetic insight and hope for the future.” They are at the heart of the King himself.

While the way I worded the title of this article was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, there is a deeper truth worth discussing, which I go into great detail in my book. If God commanded Israel to remember His victories and teach them to their children, they must matter a great deal to Him. Even Jesus observed these celebrations, or feasts, and taught His disciples to do the same.

What I offer you today is an opportunity for blessing. So I ask you: Are you living the abundant life Jesus came to procure for you? If you are unsure of the answer, I can promise you, you’re not living it! You see, friend, you are not required to celebrate His victories—you are privileged to do so! They are a great part of the abundant living Jesus promised you as His follower. They are a part of your inheritance and your eternal blessing in Him.

“Come, let us tell of the LORD’s greatness; let us exalt his name together.” Psalm 34:3 NLT