The Raging War for Our Minds


here is a war raging that targets the minds of the people in our nation and the nations of the world. We speak about terrorism with its fatalities and casualties in the physical realm, but the mystery that most remain oblivious to is the war fomenting all around us—the war for our minds.

There are unseen forces that desire to manipulate our thinking and decision-making. Ultimately, this is a war of biblical proportions; it is the clashing of kingdoms from before time began. This is the battle that John saw as he wrote the book of Revelation—this is for all the marbles—winner takes all!

Yet this is no game. No, it is an all-out war for Jerusalem, the city of the Great King, and the throne of almighty God.

In a desperate attempt for control, ungodly people push their agenda, while God-fearing people sometimes find themselves doubting their faith and resolve.

But the stakes couldn’t be higher!

There is a King coming who has indisputable rights to this throne and another who desperately wants to take it away. This battle for the throne often finds its main battleground in our minds, seeking to control our resulting actions—individually and as a nation.

As evil has attempted to take control, political correctness has become a higher value in the USA than righteousness and truth. Right and wrong are consistently being redefined to cater to certain special interest groups. Companies today will pay a huge price if they go against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) agenda, including possible crippling legal fees if they choose to stand on biblical standards.

As I alluded to earlier, disagreeing with the new norms of our society has now been labeled “hate.” No longer are you allowed to debate the leading moral issues of our day without being called a hater (or being ridiculed on social media)—complete with potential lawsuits under hate-crime legislation. Am I out of touch with reality, or have we not entered into the days when men are calling good evil and evil good?

Do I have your undivided attention yet? I certainly hope so!

This downward spiral began when godly people refused to say anything as others violated God’s clear direction, revealed in Scripture. Bible-believing and God-fearing people remained silent, and society interpreted that silence as a condoning of this type of activity and belief system. We must realize our silence is highly destructive to the purposes of God.

Slowly, but surely, this aggressive, radical agenda began to filter into the Christian culture. Mixed seed began to be sewn in our nations and in our houses of worship. The loudest and wealthiest, which have spent the most money promoting their agendas, began to win the hearts and minds of the undiscerning masses, and they were easily swayed. Our children were slowly re-educated, indoctrinated, and then enlisted. Yes, they were re-educated to adopt and adapt to the ways of our new society—the new norm! As these kids grew up, they continued the re-education process with their own children.

If this all sounds a little too “cloak and dagger” for you, simply consider the attitude shift with regards to family, country, life, liberty, God, and right and wrong between the major generational groups of our day.

Consider as a group the “Greatest Generation” of WWII (mostly gone now), the “Baby Boomers” of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the Gen Xers, and finally, the Millennials. Their views concerning the most basic aspects of life—God, success, fairness, and so on—have each taken noticeable, if not radical, turns from what would be considered a “conservative right of center” position to a strongly “far left of center,” socialistic view of society.

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(This article is a small except from A King is Coming, published by Certa Books.)