he book of Psalms has long been a source of encouragement and comfort for all who journey into its pages. The songs of the psalmists, not all are written by David, reveal so many aspects not only of the writers, but of the Author of all scripture as well. As a teacher/song writer/worship leader, I often refer to these verses for much more than just writing material, they are words of life to all who find them. There are psalms of healing and deliverance, prophetic songs who found their ultimate fulfillment in Israel’s Messiah, songs of His presence and protection, and so much more.

Psalm 22:3 declares that Adonai inhabits, is enthroned upon, or even IS the praise of his people; while Ps.16:11 tells us that in His presence there is fullness of joy with pleasure at His right hand; and we learn from Nehemiah that the joy of the Lord is our strength. So I would like to encourage you with the fact that those who begin in praise will continue in joy, and most certainly will finish strong. This book of meditations on the Psalms has been compiled not only for your edification, but with the sincere desire for you to receive revelation that will inspire and provoke you to love and good deeds.

And so I pray that the Holy One of Israel who breathed these words into the psalmists so many years ago will revive them in your heart with insight and revelation so that you may finish strong! Blessings and shalom.


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