• In this stirring book, world-renowned worship leader Paul Wilbur gives an eye-opening and inspirational charge to the people of God: Look at the Scriptures; look at the increasingly chaotic state of the world; look at the outpouring of the Spirit in the nations, while much of the Church of America slumbers in compromise; look at the rising tide of hatred of Jews and Christians around the globe; look at how God continues to unfold His promises to Israel—and then lift up your eyes, and look to the King in adoration and expectation. He is coming soon!

    Dr. Michael L. Brown
    Dr. Michael L. Brown Host, the Line of Fire radio broadcast | Author of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus
  • This is an extraordinary, thought-provoking book! I believe it is not just a teaching tool but a call for the church to consider a shift in thinking - not to legalistic ways, but to be closer to the heart of God. It is balanced, funny, and tender! In other words - written by an amazing Jewish follower of the Messiah who opens the door to the world that is meant for all of us who are grafted into the vine!

    Cindy Jacobs
    Cindy Jacobs Generals International, Dallas, Texas
  • Paul Wilbur has been blessing me with his ministry for over thirty years—a wonderful man of God, a great minister of the Lord’s presence, worship, music, and the word…and a good friend.

    Jonathan Cahn
    Jonathan Cahn New York Times best-selling author of Harbinger and Mystery of the Shemitah
  • Every year at CBN we celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. The highlight of our celebration is the inspired music of Paul Wilbur. He is indeed a gifted man of God and one that we love and admire very deeply.

    Pat Robertson
    Pat Robertson Chairman/The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.
  • What on earth is going on?” is a question concerned people ask. “What is God up to?” is a question concerned religious people ask. “What ought I to be about in this earth?” is a question the best of us ask—and here Paul Wilbur does just that. I am pleased to commend Paul Wilbur’s timely answers to these questions. A King is Coming will definitely get you going—and in the right direction.

    Professor Jeffrey Seif
    Professor Jeffrey Seif
  • I've known Wilbur for many years & am so impressed with his commitment to change the world through worship & sharing the gospel of Yeshua the Messiah with Israel & the world. It's clear God put a calling on Paul's life to build bridges of reconciliation between the church & the Jewish community. I believe the insights found in this book will not only change your perspective of God's kingdom & His desire for unity between Jewish & Gentile believers, they will transform your heart & mind as well.

    Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Bestselling Author & Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
  • Paul Wilbur’s music is the soundtrack for Christian Zionists.  

    Robert Stearns
    Robert Stearns Eagles Wings Ministries
  • I approached this book the way I do most things I am unfamiliar with—skeptically. As I read through its pages, a genuine enlightenment began to occur. I thought, Oh! I get it. This has nothing to do with keeping the Law that Christ died to free me from. It has everything to do with honoring God in the way He intended for me to do as His child. It is a form of worship I was not familiar with, even after having read the Old Testament. I never thought the Jewish festivals applied to me, yet they are not Jewish festivals but God’s festivals and a celebration of His victories! Therefore, as His child, they most certainly apply to me. It honestly made me feel special to belong to something so great—a Great Heritage I had not truly understood before. This book was a real eye-opener! I can’t wait to see the effect it has on God’s people. I pray it helps unite the entire church of God—Jew and Gentile—as One New Man.

    Monica Friedline Editor at Certa Books
  • Wilbur's book is an essential primer for those who want to dig deeper into the roots of their faith. To know & teach the whole counsel of God, we need to appreciate the continuity of the Scriptures - from Genesis to Revelation. Wilbur does a masterful job of demonstrating the validity & value of participating in the calendar & celebrations of our Messiah & His followers. He isn't telling us we must follow these traditions in order to be saved. It's not about what we have to do, but what we get to do.

    Wayne Hilsden
    Wayne Hilsden Co-founder King of Kings Ministries, Jerusalem
  • This book was inspirational, even eye-opening, to the importance of Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians coming together in unity.  I had never seen or thought of it this way, applying the high priestly prayer of Jesus in John 17 to this particular unity.  I’d always thought about us being one in our local church and with other Gentile believers but had not made the application to that unity.  I think that’s very important and more people in both camps need to have this revelation.  The book made me appreciate our Hebraic roots even more, made me want to know more about the feasts and their fulfillment in Christ.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Kent Grimes
    Kent Grimes Pastor of Church at the Well, Indianapolis, IN
  • Touching the Heart of God by Paul Wilbur is one of the spiritual books that will awaken readers to the consciousness of God's kingdom & His will for humanity. In this book, the preacher & musician Paul Wilbur leads readers to discover God in the celebration of the different feasts through which God opens His heart, communicating His love & grace. The message of this book is centered on the idea that celebrating the feasts of God with devotion & openness of spirit leads worshipers into the very heart of God where He so generously communicates His secrets.

    Romuald Dzemo
    Romuald Dzemo Readers' Favorite
  • Paul and I have walked as close friends for over 35 years. The message of “A King is Coming” is not just words on a page, but something that he lives out as a "man after God's heart." The urgent message of this book is a wake-up call for a slumbering church. It needs to be trumpeted to all the nations, in order to prepare and unify the Bride to stand on Biblical truth concerning Israel and the coming of our King.

    Asher Intrater
    Asher Intrater Revive Israel
  • Paul Wilbur is one of the best communicators I know with the ability to share information that touches a mind, heart and spirit. Paul has a unique style of music--highly spiritual, wonderfully deep in Hebrew and English lyrics, full of excitement but also very practical and down to earth. But he has another level of communication as well--teaching and preaching the Word of God, with lots of humor and a very deep Holy Spirit insight in Kingdom concepts. Again, like his music, his teaching, preaching and books are very practical, leading his audiences and readers from one discovery to another. Paul's heart is to praise the Lord, to build up His Church, to comfort the Jewish people and Israel, and all of that with his eyes upon the coming of the Lord, flowing forth from Jerusalem into all the nations of the earth. May he continue to do so, until Jesus comes to make all things forever new.

    Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer
    Rev. Willem J. J. Glashouwer President Christians for Israel International |Honorary President European Coalition for Israel
  • For many years the Holy Spirit has been releasing life-changing messages to the body of Christ through Paul Wilbur. He not only brings fresh revelation from God, but he shares how it applies to his personal life. His transparency makes his messages real to us on an experiential level. I consider it a blessing and privilege to call him a friend and have an opportunity to hear his teachings and anointed worship on a regular basis. I highly recommend that others avail themselves of Paul Wilbur's ministry so they too can experience fresh revelation and insight that will impact their life for eternity.  

    Pastor Gaspar Anastasi
    Pastor Gaspar Anastasi Word of Life Ministries Florida| New York Campuses
  • Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom" by Paul Wilbur (an Integrity Music recording artist and the founder of Wilbur Ministries) is an exceptionally well written and organized presentation that is as informed and informative as it is inspired and inspiring. Very highly recommended reading for all members of the Christian community regardless of their denominational affiliation, it should be noted for personal reading lists that "Touching the Heart of God" is also available in a Kindle edition ($7.99).

    Small Press Bookwatch