Six Day War and Jerusalem Day

Fifty years ago this month, in May of 1967…

the Arab nations of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan were preparing to change the map of the Middle East, once and for all.

With very loud and public proclamations, President Abdel Nasser of Egypt declared they would rid the world of the “Zionist Entity,” Israel, and unite the Arab world as never before.

There was only one small roadblock at the time that would hinder the massive united Arab army from carrying out their genocidal plans—a small armed force from the U.N. placed as “peace keepers” in the Sinai and a buffer zone between Israel and Egypt.

To the world’s amazement, that small force was removed by a simple request from Nasser.

No one was alarmed enough to protest at the U.N. Assembly…including the United States! Now the Arab leaders knew they had been given carte blanche to do as they wished with the tiny Jewish State.

By the time the ceasefire was announced in the War for Independence in 1949, Israel would be only nine miles wide from the western border with Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea!

Once again… it was painfully obvious that Israel would stand or fall all by herself. I am embarrassed to note that during some of Israel’s most desperate hours, the United States of America was nowhere to be found.

Even during the devastating Yom Kippur War of 1973, it took the threat of a nuclear launch by Prime Minister Golda Meir to get President Richard Nixon off the fence and re-supply Israel’s desperately depleted weapons arsenal.

How is it that with the Holocaust only twenty-two years in the global rear-view mirror that such complacency could once again settle into the world’s conscience?

The reason is simple…a King is coming.

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