Now Is the Time for Selah

Join the world wide family as we worship the king of Kings.

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Why Now?

In these unprecedented times… we need to hear the sounds from heaven that push back the darkness and speak peace into our hearts and homes.

Experience the shalom of the Prince of Peace… in this brand-new instrumental soundtrack of praise and worship from Paul Wilbur and his team.

“Praise Him with the harp and lyre…praise Him with the strings and flute…let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

-Pslam 150:4-6

Our God is the One who inhabits the praises of His people…and these sounds invite His glory wherever they are released! To shift the atmosphere in your home…place ‘SELAH’ on continuous play mode and enjoy the presence of heaven right where you are.

This beautiful and anointed music released for just such a time as this. 

“You turned my mourning into dancing and my sorrow and fear into joy. In Your presence is fullness of joy with pleasures at Your right hand forevermore.”

– Psalm 16:11

What is Selah?

“SELAH” Most Bible versions don’t even attempt to translate this word, but simply transliterate it directly from the Hebrew!
Many believe the term means to ‘pause and think about that’, as the Amplified Bible translates it. As it turns out, Hebrew scholars are not as agreed on this little word as you might think.
Some have it as, “to praise” or “to lift up”, while others simply say it is a place ‘to pause and take a breath.’ If I were a scholar, I would simply combine all the best thoughts into one!
“Take a moment to weigh what you just read, sang or heard, and lift up your heart in praise to the One who alone is worthy.”
“All sing praises to Your Name.”
Selah (TLV Bible)

“All sing praises to Your Name.”

What others are saying


1. Blessed Is The Man
2. Who Is Like You
3. Awake O Zion
4. Glory Come Down
5. Blessed Is He
6. Call On The Name
7. Forever Good
8. Resting Place
9. Shadow Of El Shaddai
10. Where Could I Go
The Aaronic Blessing (Paul Wilbur)