Passover 2021

Everyone knows that Holy Communion comes from the Last Supper of Jesus and His disciples, right? But did you know that the Last Supper actually comes from Passover?! There are some amazing mysteries that are hidden in plain sight…I hope you will join me and demonstrate these powerful truths with your family, in your home!

The Last Supper Passover (Short Version)

Paul Wilbur explains where communion came from and gives a short explanation of how you can demonstrate this from your home with your family. For a free downloadable guide, please click the button below.

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The Last Supper Passover (Full Version)

Paul Wilbur and family demonstrate what the Last Supper would have looked like, where it came from and how you can participate with your family in your home. For a free downloadable guide click the link below.

You Can Help Change The Way The World Worships!