The Kingdom of God is Indeed Your Security

The Kingdom of God is unlike any earthly kingdom. In earthly kingdoms, the citizens live to protect their King. In His kingdom—the Kingdom of God—the King lives to love and protect His citizens (His children, you and me). But do you know what it truly means to be a citizen in His Kingdom?

In my book, Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom, you will find that being a citizen of God’s Kingdom is much more than you ever imagined. You are privileged to be a part of a history of victory! Every battle, war, combat, fight, etc. that God won against the Enemy of your faith, is now a part of your own legacy. That’s right! As a citizen in His Kingdom, you are assured an inheritance that will never end.

The Bible says the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. It also declares that the heavens, the seas, and all that is in them and under them belong to Him. While people today are aimlessly seeking to find refuge from the storms in life, you are reserved a place at the table of the Mighty King Himself—in His everlasting palace. He invites you to share in His riches even today. Life may seem daunting and unstable at times, but God provides you with security today and for an eternity.

Are you taking advantage of all the privileges awarded to you as a citizen of His Kingdom?

If you don’t know what they are, you can’t enjoy them to the fullest.  I encourage you to find out for yourself what being a part of His Kingdom means for you today. As I share in my book, “God’s government has no end” and only His children can share in the many blessings offered by His government.


Paul Wilbur

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