New England Weekend


This past weekend in New England was full of nostalgia and very pleasant moments for me. How so? Well, let me give you the birds-eye-view for just a few lines.

First of all, my entire family, dad, mom, my sister Karen and my brother David were all born and raised in New England. Lowell, Massachusetts is home to us all except my brother who was born in Waterville, Maine; so of course, he is dubbed a “Mainiac”, a loving term for those born in the state of Maine : )

Our family moved away from NE in 1960 as my dad was transferred by his company to an office in NYC on 48th St. and Seventh Avenue. So, since 1960 I have not returned to these hallowed grounds except for two or three ministry ventures in the late 70’s with Harvest, and the 80’s with Israel’ Hope. And if I recall properly, I only visited Martha’s Vinyard where the invitations to minister had come from. So, imagine my delight when I was called to come to Nashua, New Hampshire for a weekend! And then to learn that Nashua is only a few miles from Lowell, Mass., and just an hour and a half from our summer family playground in York Beach, Maine. And…that after the Friday night Shabbat service I would have all day Saturday to travel around and take in as much of my first ten years of life as possible!

The service on Friday night was packed out and we closed with many there receiving the goodness of God by opening their hearts to Yeshua; perfect! Saturday was a beautiful day with bright sunshine, comfortable temperatures, and a car to take anywhere we wished. First stop, Lowell, Mass. where my dad’s parents had purchased a lovely duplex back in 1925 for $8,000.00 dollars. The downstairs apartment was being completely renovated when the GPS told me I was ‘home’, but the top floor where Nana spent her last 34 years as a widow was almost completely untouched! The only item missing was the old iron stove that had caused the kitchen floor to sag at about a 15 degree angle, but the coal fired heater in the dirt basement was still where it was installed some 100 years ago!

The new owner of this property was from Thailand, and she graciously showed me around the entire house while I reminisced and teared-up thinking of all the fun times we shared there. Oh, and the front porch was gone where my mother would tie me up with the dog (Sandy) in order to keep me from running into the busy street. Heck, I could have been severely injured or even killed by any number of Model ‘A’ Fords passing by our home in those days!

From here we drove another hour to the Maine coast visiting Nubble Light and the beautiful Maine shoreline for several hours. After a lovely lunch outside and a short walk to a drawbridge it was time to head back to New Hampshire and gear up for the Sunday morning’s two services, two flights home, and the start of a new week.

So there you have it. I would love to tell you so much more, but time, space and maybe even your interest level would be severely challenged. And with that I will close another update until week time from England!

Blessings and grace,