Once again we bring an offering to the Lord of fresh new songs connected to our message and ministry entitled, “Living Waters”

Hello, and welcome to the “Living Waters” music page! All of these songs have been birthed and produced out of our hearts and lives in the Lord. When Yeshua was asked ‘what is the greatest of the commandments’, He said, “Hear O Israel…” In Matthew 15 Yeshua declared that what was done for The Least of These, my brothers, you did it for me. When the Covid shutdown had gripped the nation and so many were afraid and confused, we needed a fortress, a place to be “At Rest”. As you can see, we are all writers from experience and relationship. We write out of a passion to express something real, not simply a need to write something!

The one song in this grouping that did not originate with us is “Emmanuel.” Shae called
one day and said, “Dad, listen to this song, it’s perfect for us!” I listened and agreed…’Glory come down, Spirit break out, heaven resound, holy, holy…’ And as always, these songs are not just for your listening pleasure; we want you to lift your voice and join us as we minister to the King!

Join us and declare; You are the Great God, so Lord, come and Take Your Place. I think by now you get the point : ) Enjoy the new songs of praise and adoration, but don’t stop there. Enter in with us and
enjoy the closeness, the intimacy, the friendship of the Lover of your soul.


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