Let Your Voice be Heard

A voice is not a voice, unless it is expressed – verbally, visually or in writing. In other words, what you believe, endorse and live is merely a thought, until you express it. When you decide to express your belief, now you are using your voice, and letting your beliefs be known.

So many people I know, actually believe in a similar fashion to me and so many others. They believe God’s word is true and the standard by which we should all live. They go into “friendly environments” like church or with close friends and enjoy the benefits of being around like-minded people. But I have noticed that when they go into the “world,” somehow they don’t use their God-given voice. Interestingly, others who don’t believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have no problem expressing their voice in those

I see our wonderful Oscar-winning Hollywood stars have expressed their voice recently. Israel invited and paid for 26 Oscar stars to visit the nation, yet none have taken up the offer yet. A couple gave the tickets away to family, but they are voting by their not receiving the gift that they don’t want to offend the Palestinians.

This is a success,” said Yousef Munayyer of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, which ran part of the campaign against the visits, according to writer Agence France-Presse for NDTV.

Last week it wasn’t Hollywood, but our NFL football stars that weighed in with their voices. Only five of the 11 invited athletes took up the offer to visit Israel.

What’s my point? When you see the opportunity to use your “voice,” use it. Be willing to uphold Biblical Correctness (BC) instead of acquiescing to Political Correctness (PC). Somehow, I don’t think God is most honored when we acquiesce to our countries downward spiraling cultural norms. Somehow I believe a smile erupts on the lips of Yeshua when we stand UP for Israel and the Church of the Living God. Let God’s voice in you be heard, as part of your new norm!