Learning to Discern the Signs in Front of You

When I was fresh out of college, I had friends who loved to sail and compete in friendly neighborhood regattas (racing their sailboats on the Long Island Sound). The weather on the Sound is notorious for being finicky and unpredictable, because the water there is shallower than you might expect.

One particular day when we began a race, the sky was clear and the water pristine; but as we rounded the third mile marker, the sky turned an ominous black, and the winds picked up speed. The captain seemed undaunted by the signs and told the crew that it was just a small aberration in the weather and certainly nothing our 37-footer couldn’t handle with ease.

There is a King coming who has indisputable rights to this throne and another who desperately wants to take it away. This battle for the throne often finds its main battleground in our minds, seeking to control our resulting actions—individually and as a nation.

As evil has attempted to take control, political correctness has become a higher value in the USA than righteousness and truth. Right and wrong are consistently being redefined to cater to certain special interest groups. Companies today will pay a huge price if they go against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) agenda, including possible crippling legal fees if they choose to stand on biblical standards.

As I alluded to earlier, disagreeing with the new norms of our society has now been labeled “hate.” No longer are you allowed to debate the leading moral issues of our day without being called a hater (or being ridiculed on social media)—complete with potential lawsuits under hate-crime legislation. Am I out of touch with reality, or have we not entered into the days when men are calling good evil and evil good?

As a result, there was a lot of damage to the boat, along with the great risk of life. Notice the use of the word humility in this lesson learned. I chose that word carefully because only a humble man will receive instruction, take note of the signs, understand the message, and be saved from disaster.

Scripture is loaded with prophecies describing times such as these as the preamble to the return of God’s Messiah. But to most, the events and culture of the day tend to cover or shield heaven’s great announcement.

People are so consumed with themselves that they misinterpret, or even fail to see, the signs of the times.


All the insights you’ve been reading so far have been an excerpt from my latest book – A King is Coming.

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Our amazing God has been revealing all this and much more right in front of our faces concerning Messiah and His soon return. The signs on the horizon of the coming of our Lord are many and His heart is to help us during these storms of life.

Now see what insights the Lord has for you in A King is Coming, by getting your copy today at WilburMinistries.com or on Amazon.com.