Jerusalem – City of David


ear readers; Happy New Year…almost! As you read this post, my wife and I are preparing to travel to Jerusalem…the Eternal and Undivided capital of the nation of Israel! We will be preparing for the tour and brand new live recording, “Roar From Zion” this fall from September 22 to October 2 in Jerusalem. Come join me for the epic trip of a lifetime! 

Do You Want To Join Me In Jerusalem?

When we elected Donald Trump to the White House last November, we who supported him were very hopeful that he would do the things he campaigned on as his platform. “Drain the swamp”, tax reform, drill in Anwar, change Obama Care, bring back American jobs and money from over seas, fix our military with appropriate funding and staffing, take care of our wounded and disabled veterans, prosecute wrong doing in the highest levels of our government, FBI, CIA, IRS, and just generally make us all proud to be Americans again, a la Ronald Reagan years.

And now he is turning his attention to the United Nations and their mess of confused anti-American, anti-Semitic ideologues who waste some $5.5 BILLION U.S. tax dollars to promote their foolish agenda. My hat is off to you again Mr. President, as you just refused them 5% of our annual burden to pay for their right to criticize and block anything we try to do for Israel and a true peace process. I don’t complain about honest criticism and debate, but when the U.N. spends 85% of their energy and funding on what’s wrong with Israel, something is desperately wrong. By the way, Nikki Haley is my next choice for President after Donald Trump and Mike Pence both get their eight years each!

Enough politics for you? Ok, but these are the people we need to be praying for as they have been given authority to guide this nation. Speaking of guiding the US, I am so pleased with the Trump declaration to finally move our embassy to the proper city in Israel. Where does the world get off in thinking they have the right to decide which city in which nation should be named the capital? Don’t get me started!

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The Bible tells us that God himself is the judge of the nations, and He has some pretty specific criteria for the judgments He makes. He divides the nations into two groups; there are the sheep nations and then there are the goat nations. Sheep are compliant, they follow the shepherd, they trust him to do what’s right for them, good pastures, clean water, protection from danger, basically Psalm 23 stuff, right? Goats are just the opposite, independent, rebellious, wandering off, resist correction, argumentative and bad tempered.

What am I saying here? I encourage you to watch very carefully as the nations decide who will move their embassy and who refuses. I believe you will have a pretty good list of sheep and goats with regards to which nations desire to be blessed by God, and who is asking for trouble from the Holy One of Israel. There is coming a day when Yehovah T’sevaot will arise in His zeal for Zion and Jerusalem like a warrior who recovers from wine (His words, not mine! Ps.78:65). He will bare His Holy arm in the sight of ALL the nations, and He will display His righteous anger for every nation to see. If some think this is a religious joke from a God who is all-loving and kind, and spends most of His day singing with bluebirds and chubby little baby angels on clouds somewhere…ask Egypt or Babylon, or Syria or Persia, or Sodom or Gomorrah how it went for them. My Bible declares, ‘happy are the people whose God is the Lord,’ and the happy truth is that you don’t have to be Israel in order to choose Jehovah as the Lord of your nation!

I love the nations. I love the peoples, the cultures, the languages, the customs and traditions, the colors, the smells, (some of) the food, and bottled water! We travel every year from Asia to Europe, to Latin America, Canada, South America and Mexico, Britain and Africa with one basic message…WORSHIP THE LORD GOD AND YOU WILL LIVE! Many choose Him, some do not, but these truly are the days of Elijah and Ezekiel, and Joel and Zechariah. The words of Joshua couldn’t be any more appropriate today than they were thousands of years ago…”Choose you today whom you will serve…but as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!

Happy New Year!


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