Invitation to Pastors

Dear Pastor,

What a truly remarkable and prophetic time we live in these days!

  • Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of her miraculous rebirth
  • Jerusalem is celebrating the 50th anniversary of her historic re-unification (not to mention the stating of the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and the pledge to move our embassy there by the close of 2019 by President Trump!)
  • England is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the famous Lord Balfour Declaration
  • and the Church is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! Incredible to say the least!

A former US president was quoted as saying, ‘never let a good disaster go to waste’, or something to that effect. I say…” Never let a good celebration go to waste” when we have the opportunity to broadcast the goodness and faithfulness of our King!

All over the world, there are citywide as well as national gatherings to commemorate these historic landmarks, and we are anxious to make them known here in the Church of the United States as well! Many times in the Scriptures, Jehovah states that when He does these things the nations will know that He alone is God. (Ez. 36; Ez. 39; Jer. 16; Zeph. 3; Zech. 9; Is. 43; Is. 49)

Would you like to broadcast aloud to your city that our God is God Alone, and that Jesus is Lord of All?

We can help!

Please contact our office here in Jacksonville at 904-565-9909 and ask for Debbie Buckner or write to her at and we will be happy to discuss your plans with you!

Have you considered making the journey to Jerusalem yourself or with your folks but don’t know how or when to do that?

We can help again!

We are leading a historic tour and live recording event in Jerusalem this year during the Feast of Tabernacles! September 22-October1, 2018 are the dates and seats on our buses and for the concerts are going fast.

Make your reservations today before the opportunity is gone.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Paul Wilbur


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