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“Shalom from my home to yours!

We (Luanne, Nathan, Malki, Caleb, and I) are just back from our first ever, Wilbur Ministries Israel Tour, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Nearly 100 folks joined us from all over the globe to see, smell, taste, pray, and worship their way through the land our God calls His own.

Here are just a few activities accomplished in Israel…

  • we worshiped on a boat on the Sea of Galilee
  • prayed on a tank at the Syrian border
  • and had a wonderful night of worship at the Gai Beach overlooking the Sea.

I was also joined by one of my “sons,” Joshua Aaron.

One of the most special experiences was when we took over the Garden Tomb for an incredible time of worship and communion, and so much more.” – Paul Wilbur

Since my dad is still recovering from jet lag, I am excited to share with you about our first Israel tour!

After the long flight over the big pond, we arrived earlier than expected—around 3:30 pm Israel time, or as I got to know the 24-hour clock well, 15:30.

We hopped off the plane running, making sure all 66 travelers that came with us were all still together. The remaining 34 that joined the tour later, also made it safe and sound to the hotel. This was a true.

This was a true miracle if you have ever dealt with so many people arriving in one destination overseas…

And so began the beginning of God’s favor upon us.

We had 100 people join us on our tour of Israel, which was led by my dad, Paul Wilbur, and our good friend, Scott Volk.

Since I was so involved in the details and logistics, I think most of the travelers thought I was the tour leader and that blessed me.

I’m just not sure how well they would have received me singing Days of Elijah  or Praise Adonai! LOL

“I want to take this opportunity once again to thank you (Nathan) and Wilbur Ministries for putting such an amazing trip together! I have been on many tour/mission trips and can honestly say this was the absolute best experience I have ever had with this number of people. The logistics were well planned from start to finish. Kudos to you all who were involved in this venture. You guys are fantastic ‘cat-herders’!” – Sherri

We heard so many testimonies from the people about how their lives will be forever changed. Many of them spoke about reading the Bible differently now, since they were literally walking in the steps of the Bible.

The biggest changes seemed to come when we connected with the believers in Israel and took our group to the underprivileged children’s home.

It’s one thing to see and learn about an area, but it’s an entirely different and impacting experience to see the lives of those that live there every day.

One sentence my dad often said during the tour was…

“We run where Jesus walked.”

It was so true as we were trying to get in as much sightseeing as possible in a short period of time. It was a success, in that we accomplished all that we had intended in our hearts.

We also had incredible times of worship with my dad, as we stopped at various special locations.

We had many heart-moving experiences, glorifying the King of Kings in the land He calls His own.

So many people testified about great times of prayer connections with Yeshua (Jesus) throughout the tour.

Probably the most memorable sites for me were those where we could shut down the verbal tour and just open our hearts in worship. Knowledge is great, but gaining understanding is even better.

There is something tangibly gained when you open your mouth in worship to the King, feeling a part of His land. Yeshua (Jesus) certainly met with us as we worshiped.

There were unexplained times of intense wind that would pop up—creating a highly emotional experience and a blissful peace that is not possible by human standards. It was priceless!

Have I grabbed your attention…

And are you ready to join us in Israel next time?

The good news is we will be going back to Israel in September 2018 to celebrate Israel’s 70th Anniversary as a nation and Tabernacles.

We have a huge announcement that can’t be fully disclosed yet until the final plans are set…but you do not want to miss out on signing up early and joining us for this Israel Tour.

It will be a marker on God’s calendar and one that will be forever engraved in history…your history!

If you give us your email, we will contact you when it is time to hear further details.

[Don’t worry, as we don’t sell emails or spam in any way!]


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Nathan Wilbur

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