Guide Me Without the Bit and Bridle, Please!

Guide Me Without the Bit and Bridle, Please!
You traded the bit and bridle of an exterior code for a loving rider who has trained you with a loving voice.

God whispered these very words into my spirit one day after viewing a YouTube video on Stacy Westfall, a championship rider in the freestyle reining event at the 2006 All American Quarter Horse Congress. What made Stacy’s routine so mesmerizing was that her horse was not wearing a saddle, bit, rein, or a bridle! A flawless routine was achieved with only the rider’s voice guiding her horse.

I was stunned by the great revelation I had just received. I understood that we, too, have a choice on how we are guided. An unregenerate spirit needs a bit and bridle (the Law) to direct or “guide” him into obedience, but for a person who is truly born again (from above), the laws are written upon his heart. And only then is the voice of the Rider able to guide and direct his life.

As I share in my newly released book, Touching the Heart of God: Embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom “…when we surrender to the Gospel of the King, the Rider—the Holy Spirit—leads and guides us to the Truth…This example also leaves room for the Spirit of God to train me differently than He trains you. The important thing is that we are listening to the voice of the Rider!”
Are you being trained by His loving voice? If you have been accustomed to the bit and bridle, I have good news for you! There is a more excellent way. Hear what the Spirit of God is speaking to you today: Trade in the bit and bridle for a loving Rider who will train you with a loving voice.
Can you hear Him now?