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Paul Wilbur

Perhaps you have heard about, or even seen the disturbing new video posted by the Muslim American Society at the Islamic Center in Philadelphia? As the Muslim community begins their celebration of Ramadan, their children are seen presenting songs that glorify martyrdom, decapitation, and the acts of those who kill themselves and others in the name of their god. The report was posted on Fox Nation by Todd Starnes as part of his Fox News show entitled “Starnes Take.” When challenged about these grotesque demonstrations of hatred and violence that were promoted and sanctioned by the adult Muslim worshipers, the official word from the Islamic Center was an apology that not all the songs and presentations had been appropriately vetted! Properly vetted? Well, how about the coordinated choreography the children performed making chopping motions with their little hands while lip sinking the gross messages of murder and beheadings? Did they just do that all on their own? How is any of this ‘hate speech’ even appropriate for a human being, much less the indoctrination of children into a lifetime of misery, hatred, and jihad?!

I usually am quiet about these things as they are depicted as happening in some far away mosque in a country whose population would generally agree with what is being presented. But this is the United States of America, and as an American citizen, I have a voice and a responsibility for the things that take place in my country! Don’t worry, this is not an anti-Muslim diatribe or a call to action against all Muslims everywhere. This should be, however, a loud wake-up call for anyone who loves this country and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Have you been paying attention to the powerful and outrageous statements being made by several Muslim members of the United States Congress? Very bold comments about our president being led around blindly by the Zionist Regime; the problems in Venezuela are mostly to blame on the foreign affairs policies of the U.S., gross four-letter expletives used without shame or concern for who might be listening, and without censorship or rebuke by any among their political party (!); grotesque cartoons published and approved by the New York Times; anti-Semitism is not so carefully disguised or even cloaked in generalizations any longer, but it is spewed into microphones and cameras along with the bobble-headed supporters huddling close behind. America, it is time to wake up and take your place on the wall as watchmen for our freedom and our Judeo-Christian civilization!

In days of old, the ‘call-to-arms’ was that “the enemy is at the gates”! In today’s world, the enemy has breached the gates and has managed to even sit at the table of powerful congressional committees, making important decisions on foreign policy, financial appropriations, and more! This should give us great pause and call us to some strict and sobering choices in the days and elections to come.

The United States has just sent a massive naval strike force into the waters of the middle-east to deter the moves of a very aggressive Iran. Drones loaded with explosives were just recently launched and did severe damage to oil freighters and commercial vessels who have to weave their way through treacherous waters while staying alert for the life-threatening attack at the same time! The sound of saber-rattling continues to escalate from Teheran, all while the Iranian mullahs and state leaders continue to lead chants of ‘Death to Israel, and death to America’!

Make no mistake about it, this conflict is spiritual at its very roots, and will only be resolved when the ‘god of this age’ is overthrown by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! Islam teaches that during a great world-wide disaster, the twelfth Imam will appear and lead the world into peace as the entire globe becomes Muslim. Sound familiar to you who read in your Bible? Of course. We believe the prophets Ezekiel, Zechariah; the Apostle John, and even Yeshua, Jesus himself, about a coming invasion to destroy Israel and the return of Jesus to the Mount of Olives to judge the nations and set up the Kingdom and His throne in Jerusalem. (Ez. 37-39; Zech.14; Rev.19; Matt.23; Acts 1) Mohammed was a student of both Judaism and some Christianity during his earlier years and has obviously ‘borrowed’ from both, but also inserted himself as the last and ‘greatest’ of the prophets. And while upgrading his status, he also downgraded Jesus’ status, while denying that God has a son, and of course, the deity of Jesus is also denied.

Anti-Semitism is on an alarming rise again, and our college campuses are an embarrassingly rich incubator for much of it. I just watched a few minutes of a ‘commencement speech’ by a doctoral graduate of NYU who proudly and with passion declared that it was the graduates’ duty to support the BDS movement against the apartheid state government of Israel!’ I will not publish his name so that I cannot be sued for using his own words. But this person also seems to indicate that he is a part of the staff at NYU, meaning that his attitudes will be taught as social facts to the students who sit under this ignorant teaching!

Why here and why now, we might ask? I do go into some depth of explaining how anti-Zionism has become the new anti-Semitism in my latest book, “A King is Coming!” In fact, the book title is the simplest and most straight forward explanation I can give for an answer that makes any sense to the question just posted above. Not much has changed in the spirit realm since the fallen Lucifer declared that he would “raise his throne above the stars of God, and sit on the mount of assembly…” (Isaiah 14:13) Mount Zion, the city of Jerusalem, the land of Israel and the Jewish people have been the foundational and proverbial’ bones of contention’ ever since. Why? Because whatever God loves…Satan wants, and he will go to any lengths to get it.

But fear not! Only be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Fight fear and hatred with the truth. Be able to give the right answer when confronted with the lies and deceptions of the enemy of our souls. Let’s be men and women of God who are not ashamed and not afraid; because the Lord our God is with us, wherever we go! Know what you believe and why; better yet…know Who you believe in and that He can keep you and cover you against all evil. Yes, the voices of hatred and fear are loud and very aggressive these days. But at the end of the day, that is all they have, hatred and fear, and we know that LOVE casts out all fear. So let us love our fellow man by not remaining silent, but by speaking the truth in love. For we know that the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, indeed the King of the whole world, Yeshua the Messiah will conquer all these things as He returns to Jerusalem and sets His feet down on the Mount of Olives. He will enter the Holy City through the Beautiful Gate and establish His throne there forever!

And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come! Baruch haba b’ shem Adonai, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!…even so, come Lord Jesus!

About The Author

Preeminent messianic worship leader and Dove Award nominee, Paul Wilbur, who has sold over three million albums globally, released Roar From Zion April 5, 2019. The 14-track album and companion DVD is a live worship experience recorded at The Pavilion in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel during the Feast of Tabernacles and the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel.

Wilbur’s musical history goes back to the mid-seventies when he was a college student studying to be an opera singer and cantor before a born-again experience took him in a radical new direction. From there, he went on to co-found Harvest, an early Jesus Movement band, and subsequently formed Israel’s Hope, dedicated to bringing the message of the gospel back to the heart of the chosen people. His cross-cultural, multi-lingual ministry would in time take him to every continent on the globe, playing before audiences in far-flung locations ranging from Africa to China and Kuwait to Cuba.

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