Don’t Move The Ancient Stones!

“Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers” (Proverbs 22:28).

It struck me immediately after reading this verse that this is exactly what we have done with regards to the Law, the Feasts of the Lord, and the Word of God—all to our great harm.

We have embraced many of the traditions of men rather than the words of our God. We have moved the ancient stones to redefine the Kingdom in our own terms and through the eyes of our own culture, making good-sounding excuses for the repositioning of the borders.

And what have we used as a guide or plumb line for these moves? We have used culture, expedience, convenience, and the ways that seem right to a man—almost anything but the traditions of our fathers and the Word of the living God! So it raises the question:

Who are the fathers we are now following?

If you listen carefully you can almost hear the ranting of the Roman Emperor Constantine, as he forbids any prayers, hymns, readings, celebrations, songs, or traditions of the Jews.

Constantine may have thought…

Let them have their empty religion, but we—the Church of Rome—have better ideas and better holidays to ascribe to the works of God.

I realize some of these things may be uncomfortable to deal with.

This may not be something you have concerned yourself with or even thought about. We have well-entrenched celebrations in the West with some godly stones in their foundation, but they have also taken on the wood, hay, and stubble of our liberal society and culture.

In fact, some have been so completely removed from their original place and practices, they can’t even be remotely recognized as either historically Biblical or godly.


The Easter holiday is a perfect example…

The purpose and intention of the holiday is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, King of the Jews, from the dead.

So why did we need to move the historical date and rename the feast after a Babylonian queen/goddess when we already had the Feast of First Fruits?

What is wrong with Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits—the feasts which Jehovah chose to reveal His Lamb, who would take away our sins?

With all due respect, is Jesus the Passover Lamb or the Easter ham?

So we now have a holy day named after Nimrod’s adulterous wife, celebrated with the painting of chicken eggs, wearing of bonnets, eating chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs, and a “traditional” dinner featuring a baked ham…terrific!

But what in the world does any of this have to do with Yeshua, the Kingdom, salvation, or anything else for that matter?

Has anyone else asked these questions?

Does anybody really know what time it is…does anybody really care?

…Yes, I have borrowed a line from one of my favorite rock groups from the sixties and seventies, Chicago Transit Authority (later shortened to simply Chicago).

Some churches, of late, have ceased to use the term Easter and opted for the term Resurrection Sunday, in order to address this dilemma. But why not just surrender to the biblical model and be done with it? What is the problem here?

Do pastors not know, do they not care, or are they afraid that something so radical as embracing the Calendar of the Kingdom will lose them a sizable number of bodies in their weekly worship services?

I don’t wish to be harsh or mean spirited here, and I do understand the pressures of culture and tradition. I really believe there is a better way for us Kingdom folk and if you read my book, “Touching the Heart of God,” you will discover what I am talking about.

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