Coming Election


am posting this blog at the request of some of our partners with a few more thoughts added into the mix. I am deeply concerned about our country and the direction we find ourselves going for quite some time. I am a citizen who has traveled millions of miles crisscrossing this continent and others, and I am expressing a few thoughts for you to consider during this national election cycle.

First of all let me state that I no longer consider myself belonging to any particular party, and my well thought out vote is not a ‘given’ any longer. I am a believer first and last. This world is not my home, and I am eternally enrolled in a Kingdom, not of this world. Now, having said that I believe I have also been given a responsibility as a citizen of that Kingdom, to promote it and the King I serve as best I am able. Had I been born in North Korea, or Russia, or China, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or any number of other countries, my access to the truth and freedom to exercise that truth would have been either severely limited, or not at all. I consider my birth place to be an incredible privilege with freedoms and choices that precious few other nations enjoy. And, along with privilege, I believe, comes responsibility. Yes, I will give an account for what was given to me, and also what was entrusted to me in my life, liberty, and how I pursued happiness.

let me say that if you are waiting for the perfect candidate to appear, you are waiting for the return of Jesus, not a politician!

Because of a law written and enforced by president Lyndon Johnson, a minister or ministry that enjoys the tax benefits of a 501C3 tax exemption, we are supposed to be politically neutral, and risk heavy fines and even jail if we become politically vocal. In essence, he sought to remove the voice of the founders and the pulpit from the public arena and told us it was illegal to speak about righteousness and government in the same breath. So what do we have today? That’s right, a government founded on the thoughts and personal ambitions of men, rather than the ways and principles of God Almighty. I am appalled as many of you are at the depths to which we have plummeted as a “nation under God”, and even though I have become much more vocal about our present state of affairs, I remain deeply concerned for our future

So let me get back to the ‘responsibility’ part of this note. Before we get all upset about the folks who are leading us astray, let me remind you of a troubling little fact. Over the last several decades, believers have become less and less active in the political process for one reason or another. In fact, we were told by the father of Ted Cruz at a ministers conference in Dallas that more than 30,000,000 evangelicals stayed away from the polls in the last national election. Since then I have heard numbers that approach 50,000,000 disinterested American evangelicals! How can this be? Is it possible that our nation has lost it’s way because the conscience of America has ceased to function? I seem to remember a very famous quote from a very famous book that goes something like this; “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and vote…” OK, so I edited the text for a reason, but you know where I am going with all this. Our freedoms are being whittled away decade by decade, on purpose, by people with an agenda, and the only ones who still have the power to stop the moral erosion are you and me. But, if the righteous are silent, there is no doubt in my mind that wickedness and political correctness will prevail. And if we remain silent, how will we explain to our children and grandchildren that we are handing over a country to them that aggressively wars against the very faith we taught them?

So in closing, let me say that if you are waiting for the perfect candidate to appear, you are waiting for the return of Jesus, not a politician! I am not making excuses for anyone here, but are you also waiting to attend a church with a perfect pastor? Chances are that if you have read this letter this far you are wagging your head in total agreement with me. I know I am preaching to the choir, but just in case…

So what will I do in this world of imperfect choices? I will support the candidate(s) who support my values and ask the Spirit of Truth to guide my decisions. I will make an effort to know where each candidate stands on issues that are most important to me and I will vote my conscience.

I am conservative, I am pro-life, I am compassionate towards the poor, and I believe in the rule of law. I believe that a small, less intrusive government is wise and that a strong, well equipped military with wise and experienced leadership is important in this dangerous world. Parents should decide where and by whom their children are educated, and our tax dollars should be spent the way we direct them, not given to those who oppose our values or our way of life. I could go on…

The day for choosing is coming close. Please don’t stay home waiting for the impossible in a human being. Our nation is depending on the voice of righteousness to rise again and bring sanity and wisdom back to our seats of government. Remember the words of Mordecai to Esther…”perhaps you were brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this!” Our children and our children’s children are depending on us to lead the way in a very dark and dangerous time.