Changes Coming to Wilbur Ministries

Time for another ministry update!

Wilbur Ministries is full-steam ahead with the new mandate to…

“Raise up an army to change the way the world worships!” 

The focal point of all this is the tour and live recording in Jerusalem in 2018 during the Feast of Tabernacles, but the run-up and preparation time for this is HUGE.

As far as the tour goes…

…we are well into our second bus and we haven’t really done much in the way of advertising.

If you’re planning to join us, please get your reservation in soon to secure your place in Israel.

Our partners for this adventure are growing, and so is the scope and reach of the event. These are very exciting times and we plan to make the most of these amazing opportunities.

This past week, I was asked to join an anointed host of worshipers to sing at the world famous Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

What a thrill for me to stand on the stage I was training to sing on during college and grad school.

But this time I was singing to the Lord instead of an audience!

My dear father would have been so proud to see that. Perhaps he got a glimpse from his spot in heaven.

This coming weekend I have a concert in El Paso, Texas, sponsored by a radio station, then off to Atlanta to teach and encourage the Messianic youth worship teams at Meuchad 2017.

Sunday I will sing two concerts at Beth Hallel Congregation, then fly to GodTV in Chicago to meet up with Pastor Bill Winston. I’ll be home Tuesday, then off to Costa Rica for one night and back home to prepare to fly to…

…I can’t remember!

For more information about our events, please visit our website.


Two weeks ago my firstborn and his bride signed on the dotted line to purchase their first home.

They will move out of our top-floor apartment and into their very own space for the first time. I encouraged them to build a bonus space above their new garage, which they did, and we will soon sell our office condo and move the offices to their home.

This will save the ministry thousands of dollars and save the kids an hour commute every day. So by next summer, Wilbur Ministries will have a new and much less expensive home.

Done and done.

So what should Luanne and I do with our large home originally built to house four generations when it’s just the two of us?

Why, sell and downsize of course!

That will be a huge hassle right?

Well, a neighbor I met at a gas station 20 miles away told me he was looking to buy a home in our neighborhood. “My house might be for sale,” I said.

Today he bought it and is willing to stay in his current home until our new and smaller house, two blocks away from our kids, is finished!

Done and done.

The Lord is good and His mercy is everlasting, He is faithful to ALL generations…

…even those over 60!

We are entering a new season of fruitfulness and favor, and we are very excited about it.

Please join us in prayer and thanksgiving as we celebrate aloud the goodness of our God in every nation of the earth.

Let everything that has breath…praise the LORD!



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