Recently, I was studying the Word of God, and the Lord brought me to scriptures concerning the Shepherds that He places over the Sheep.  It was in the days of old that so much was required of the Apostles to keep the first Church in order…to keep things in harmony — but in direct correlation to the Word of God and how HE expects His church to be run….That’s why there were Apostles.

And then I thought about today’s church…It saddens me to see the staggering statistics of almost 1,500 people leaving the ministry each month.  Yet, we have thousands of men and women attending seminary and Bible College on an annual basis. 

As I began to ponder…I kept asking the Lord…”how can this be…?”

And He gave me a burden.  A burden for Pastors and those in Leadership. (Everyone is a Leader in God’s eyes) Then, I started to watch what was going on — inside the church and out.  Trying to figure out why this is going on.  And I could only come up with one answer…these men and women have forgotten their first love.

Revelation 2:4.  “Nevertheless, I have this against you, that you have left your first love…”

So, I inquired of the Lord. “I see the problem, Father. What is your solution?”  Out of that heart for those on the Pulpit or in Ministry, the Lord birthed the National Pastors and Leaders Healing Conference. 

This is not a conference about church growth, church planting, better servants, showing up 24/7, or better tithers.  We have done a disservice to God’s Servants that have vowed to help his Body.  What we have done is overworked them, over-perfected them and flat out ignored them.  Treated them like they were robots, not people.  So, I ask you, where in the Bible does it say to do that?

We are to serve them.  We are to pray for them. We are to love them. Not for what they can do for you but for what YOU can do for them. After all, isn’t that the great example Jesus Christ exemplified himself?  He said “I can to serve, not to be served.”  Maybe some of the church think that’s only for Pastors and Leaders in Ministry.

I dare to say different. I believe God wants the Body to change their point of view toward those who have given up everything to help them, reach them, and feed them.  Those of us at Hearing God Ministries – we are focused on the Pastors and Leaders…because without a healthy and pure pulpit, we cannot have a healthy and pure Body. Without a healthy and pure Body, we cannot have revival…

This is why we have the wonderful and awesome privilege of hosting the National Pastors and Leaders Healing Conference every March in Phoenix Arizona.  For 3 days, everyone gets to return to their First Love – their Heavenly Father.  To sit at His Feet. To sit on His Lap and just Love Him and be loved.  We are honored to walk this journey with Paul Wilbur and are beyond blessed. We love to see God’s people freely worshipping in Messianic worship. Spirit-filled worship is a not just a beauty to my eyes but to the eyes of our Heavenly Father.  He loves to see His Children dance before Him.  Won’t you join us and be a “man after his own heart?”

Come join us. Experience these 3 days for yourself.  We promise you will never leave the same.

Written by: Linda M. Wright

Hearing God Ministries.  602-795-4400

2016 National Pastors & Leaders Healing Conference
Light & Life Church | Phoenix, Arizona
March 17 – 19,  2016

“For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; He will lead them to springs of LIVING WATER….And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” Revelation 7:17

Experience true intimacy with Heaven in 3 Holy Spirit-filled days. With worship by Paul Wilbur, Helen Baylor, Walter and Joy Reilly and more, Sound Biblical teachings by our Keynote Speakers Paul Wilbur, Pastor Lanora Morin and Pastor Maurice Chavez along with several Breakout Meetings, you will be refilled, refreshed, renewed. Please join us as we call on the Healing Power of Jesus Christ to be done on earth as it is in Heaven