This is the year 2015 in the modern enlightened era. The Dark Ages are far behind us as are the times of Atilla the Hunn, Haman the Persian and Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich. Yet…the scourge of anti-semitism with all of it’s senseless evil continues to brood and grow amongst the nations like some kind of unseen disease that slowly eats at the hearts and souls of men.

The implications and ramifications of this plague are far reaching, and they are so obvious now that one would have to live in a cave in Siberia not to see it. France is experiencing a tremendous dose of this evil mainly from it’s burgeoning Muslim population, but not limited to it. As a consequence, more French Jews have made aliya (immigration) to Israel than from any other nation in 2014, and the numbers are swelling in 2015. A 90 year old Holocaust survivor from the Netherlands was shocked to learn that her retirement pension was cut in half because she moved to a new apartment in Judea (some call the West Bank or occupied territories). Young boys wearing kippahs (scull caps) are accosted and beaten by roving gangs of young Muslims in Paris, London and elsewhere. Jewish graves and businesses are vandalized, college campuses in AMERICA hold anti-Israel rallies calling for an end to trade with Israel calling it an ‘aparteid State’. What is going on and what is the root of this madness? Are we truly living in the 1930’s pre-war Europe all over again?

I have several short answers for you to consider, but they have long term ramifications. First, there exists in the world, as has always been the case, real evil. There is a real Satan with a real kingdom who hates the things and people of God. He will stop at nothing to thwart the plans and purposes of God at any cost; the Jewish people happen to be one of the costs he is willing to pay. Secondly, these are the Days of Elijah and more of our Jewish friends and families are turning to Yeshua now than ever before. Messianic synagogues and congregations are springing up all over the world and especially in Israel. Again, we have an adversary who sees this and is willing to do anything to keep the Jewish people away from Messiah. And last, but not least…a King is coming. The signs are everywhere you turn. Compare Matthew chapter 24 with todays world news and you will see what I am talking about.

So what do we do? Is there anything that can be done to counter this growing evil? Yes, there certainly is something you can do. You can pray, you can support organizations that do good for Israel and the Jewish people. You can educate yourself about what is happening and get involved. You can speak the truth in love when encountering this evil, and you can vote for righteousness in government when the opportunity comes your way. Support your local Messianic congregations and Christian churches that love the Jewish people. Take a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to anti-semitism and anti- Israel rhetoric and discourse. Pray, speak out, vote, support, don’t tolerate evil and ignorance in our midst!

We should be people who are well versed in the issues and arguments that are commonly thrown out there by people with little to no understanding. Who are the Jews, who really has a right to the land of Israel, was there ever a place called Palestine, what is the charter of Hamas, is Iran really wanting to destroy all the Jews ( and Christians)?!

Anti-semitism is alive and growing right under our collective noses in every nation of the world. It is a plague, a disease, a treachery, an evil that must be recognized for what it is, and then irradicated like ebola, a cancer, or any infectious disease that will kill mankind. Replacement theology in our churches, tolerating Islamic hate speech, looking the other way because it doesn’t directly affect me…these are all recipes for another catastrophic disaster, and this time it won’t be conventional weapons; it will be nuclear. Very few people know that we were moments away from a nuclear holocaust during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Israel was out of ammunition and the Arab armies were making fast progress toward Jerusalem. President Richard M. Nixon was stalling to rearm Israel when Golda Meir called him on the hotline and threatened to take the entire Middle East with her to the grave if he didn’t send immediate aid. He hung up the phone and called in the Hercules planes loaded with what was necessary to push back the certain destruction of the world as we knew it.

Today we live in a very different place in history. Many of the enemies of Israel are also nuclear armed, or like Iran, are speeding toward nuclear capability. The problem we now face is an anti-semitism that hates all men everywhere who are not like them! You can be certain of this. If you will tolerate anti-semitism because you are not Jewish or Israeli, what will you do when they come for you and your family? Yes, tragically six million Jewish men, women and children perished in Hitler’s Holocaust, but so did six million Christians and ‘undesirables’ along with them.

Anti-semitism is not a Jewish problem…it is a global disease that needs immediate attention. My Bible says that sin is a reproach to any nation, but righteousness will exalt a nation. The sin of anti-semitism is a reproach that will bring the judgement of a jealous God (Zech.8:1), but righteousness will save any nation that dares to take a stand!