Align, Restore, Advance

We are well into the new year of 5777 and making good headway into 2017. And in this new year, I have been given three words that may minister to some of you as well. The words are: Align, Restore and Advance, and they came in a particular way. The whole phrase I heard goes like this…

”If you will align with my plans and purpose, then I will restore what is needed and then you can advance into this next season and prosper.”

It would take too much space here to elaborate on this in depth, but let me just put a little flesh on these bones.

Alignment is a very strategic and important word for us all. If your back is out of alignment, or your tires are out of alignment, there is pain and damage going on even if you are unaware of it.

The same is true with our lives. We were designed with a purpose, and we were designed to live in alignment with those plans and purposes. In 1 John chapter two, we are told that knowing these plans, and who we are, is taught to us by a teacher. Our job then is to hear the Teacher’s voice and obey.

The sad thing is, not all of us take the time to hear, and so we simply bounce around life almost aimlessly waiting for the last shoe to drop. Very dangerous! And…we are really without excuse here because: (1) We are created in His image; (2) The same Spirit that raised Yeshua from the dead now lives inside us; (3) We have been given the same glory (k’vod) that the Father gave Yeshua!

This is not stated to condemn anyone, but rather to encourage us all to live and have our being on the highest of levels. We cannot do this, however, if our lives are out of alignment…body, soul, or spirit.

So, let me state all this in another way. We are to keep our bodies in alignment and care for them as they are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are to keep our souls in alignment by taking every thought captive to the obedience of Messiah (mind), submit ourselves to God (will), and be slow to speak, slow to become angry, and quick to listen (emotions). And lastly, allow our spirit to be taught and trained by the Holy One of Israel who is King and Lord over all. In all of this we will be the winners as we come into alignment with His plans and purposes for our lives, as it is written, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.”

Watch our BLOG page for a more in-depth teaching on this in the next few weeks.

I pray this little sharing will bless and encourage your life as together we continue to “change the way the world worships.”