A Living Testimony

In 2015, on good Thursday, I left Montreal around 2:00 pm to go join my family in Saguenay (Québec). It was a surprise nobody knew I was on the road. It was a sunny day and
all of the streets were dry. I was alone for the 6 hours drive to reach my destination; so I loaded my car with all of Paul Wilbur’s CDs. I love to be in the presence of God and worship HIM during the long drives.

At 5:00 pm, I was just entering the Wildlife reserve Laurentians; it’s a road that I know well and that I’m used to driving.

The weather change in a minute and it was at that very point I was listening to Shalom Jerusalem where Paul says: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem they shall prosper who love Thee”. To which I said, “You bet I’ll pray for the Peace of Jerusalem” and I was singing in my car like I did for the past 3 hours. Suddenly, I lost control of my car on a patch of slush/ice/snow and my car went from the front to the trunk 3 times flying in the air. When I saw that my car was not touching the ground anymore, I closed my eyes (I thought it was graduation day) and just started screaming the name of JESUS! I held the note until my car was put down in the snow as if someone dropped it gently there on all 4 wheels. It was the perfect spot as I could have hit a nearby rock or fell into the ditch but I believe God put me safely in the middle of the snow.

The guy that was driving behind me stopped to help and just couldn’t believe that I didn’t even have a scratch. He told his wife to call 911 and stay put in the car as it’s going to be ugly. As he reached my car, he described that my car had made a hole in the asphalt but as he looked it was barely broken on the driver side. All the damage was on the other side and the trunk. The insurance declared my car a total loss but I was not hurt, nor anybody else. I didn’t even have to go to the hospital, God took good care of me! And now He also saved me from my third battle with cancer. I know there is power in the name of Jesus. There is power in prayers! There is power in His words! And there is certainly power in Praise!

Thank you for your ministry, the amazing worship we have because of you, for the prayers when we are down and in need. I know that you probably have a lot of people, just like me, that write to receive encouragement and prayers. I couldn’t actually believe that you took time to pray for me and reply to my email. It really meant the world to me! Thanks again! And all the Blessing to you, your family and your ministry!

– Laurence