A Call to Prayer – Prayer Highlights

L’Shana Tova!! Blessed New Year!  5777

Something has changed, as Jew and Christians alike celebrate the Feasts of the Lord!

Rosh Hosannah, Yom Kippur, Tabernacles! Hearts are awakening and drawing near to find The King of all the Earth! 

Each week we gather at Wilbur Ministries to pray out the Plans and Purposes of God!  Always, we are watching and praying for Israel!  Always Pressing on to fulfill our calling!  “To Change the way the World Worships”, lifting up the Name that all men may come to know the Coming Great King!

We have sensed for some time now transition and that we are moving into a New season!  Well it Is here!  Something has changed!  

We have transitioned from 5776, the year the king in the field to 5777, the year of the sword!  

In the early morning hours recently the Holy Spirit gave me a dream! I dreamed of a large group of the body of Yeshua were assembled in anticipation of transitioning into another place!  As we were waiting on The Lord in Prayer, a precious General in Prayer (now in heaven) told me to rise up and speak what the Lord had to say to the group! Being quick to respond, I arose and yielded to the Spirit!  

Song of Songs 8:14 may they come to a place of intimacy! That their eyes focus on Him and not the things of this world.  Freedom from every deception, lie, weight, care, and sin!

Trembling under the power of God, HIS words were so heavy!  

He said:

1) As you transition into this new season you must keep your FOCUS on Me,Yeshua.

2) You must NOT let anything distract you!

Then the doors opened and we entered into this new place!

These instructions have become so profound to me and will aligned us to move forward in Yeshua’s plans!  They are not to scare us but to prepare us for the days ahead!

 My mind went immediately to Hebrews 12: 1) Since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witness let us lay aside every care & sin that has easily ensnared us and let us run with endurance the race that is before us. 2) LOOKING unto YESHUA……!

Join us in prayer that all would yield to preserving instruction!

* Israel to awaken & align with the plan of God, cry out to know their Messiah/Yeshua, to draw near with a repentant heart durning these High holy days! That they would kept safe and sheltered from all harm!  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! Psalms 122

* Awakening of the Bride to her first love, to focus on Yeshua!

Song of Songs 8:14 may they come to a place of intimacy! That their eyes focus on Him and not the things of this world.  Freedom from every deception, lie, weight, care, and sin!

Song of Songs 2:15  the little foxes-distraction that hinder relationship! (No longer can we have divided interest!)

That every Son & daughter awaken from their slumber, put a hunger in their hearts, that they put on their royal garments, armed with knowledge of who they are “In Christ” and take their seat in Him (Ephesians 2:6) & release the sword of the Spirit, decreeing and declaring boldly the Word of God!

* An Awakening of the nations!  Even this our nation!  Yeshua raise up a voice, make That voice powerful, filled with truth, one that favors your righteous cause and will do your will!  We call our foundations secure! Send forth your word Lord to every corner of this earth, that whosoever calls upon the name of Jesus/Yeshua shall be saved! They are your/our inheritance! Psalms 2:8

* Pray for us at Wilbur Ministries, that we stand as the men of Issachar, discerning the times, who know what to do, where to go and how to act fulfilling our call to the full!  Declaring the word of the Lord! 

A new dawn has arisen! Now, Arise to your place on the wall and pray!

He is coming!


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