Because of your support!

Dear Tribe,

As I look back at this past year and all the amazing things God has done through PWM and the team, I am reminded that none of this could have happened without your prayers and financial support. This year we have had our feet in the soil of Ecuador, Canada, Israel, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and from coast to coast in the USA, with thousands giving their heart to Jesus for the first time. All this and more is credited to your account!

2015 was also the birthday for quite a few projects with the release of my latest book, ”Touching the Heart of God”, the REVIVE CD, the instrumental partner CD, and the start of my latest Integrity production entitled, “FOREVER GOOD” due to release next Spring.

With the start of a brand new year, 2016 will see even more activity and traveling. We will be in Nigeria twice, India, Israel, and Honduras just in the first few months of the year. We are also planning a twelve city tour to raise funds for an incredible project in Israel and… produce a weekly TV program to be aired sometime this summer!

Are you praying about some seeds to sow into good ground? Might I suggest some great soil to consider? Wilbur Ministries is ready, willing, able and equipped with a mandate to change the way the WORLD worships. All we need to accomplish this for 2016 is more fuel in our tank and there are other ways in which you can give aside from just financially. I have a dream. I see every knee bowing, and every tongue declaring, “Yeshua is Lord” to the glory of God our Father.

You are receiving many ‘end of the year’ requests from ministries needing your help as I am. I simply ask if you will prayerfully considersowing a generous gift into PWM. Thank you for being such a blessing to us in 2015. May 2016 be more than you can imagine in blessing, peace and dreams fulfilled!

P.S. Below are some photos taken over the course of this past year so you can see what was accomplished.

A large alter call for people to revive their God given callings in London
Rabbi Cahn and me discussing working together more in 2016 while in London
A sweet Armenian group came to the teaching seminar in Netherlands.
Orphans in Cuba who received much needed medicine from your giving. We also brought candy and some toys
Praying over a dear brother in London who heard the call to bless the Jewish people.